Hi to Everyone,

Welcome back for another year of the TACT
learning experience. 

We hope all our members had a merry Christmas and a great New Year and we look forward to seeing you all refreshed and ready to go after our Christmas break.

Of course you can be confident that strict Covid safety measures will be in place
at all times.

We will be having a Sign-in Day on Friday 29th of January 2021.  On this day we
will be available from 10.00am until 12.00 noon to answer any queries you may have
and help you decide which classes would best suit your needs. 

We have decided to discontinue our monthly Sign-in days and ask that, if you wish to enrol in a class or have any questions, you call in to our Computer Room or give us a ring on
07 5524 9212.

If you are thinking of joining our club, please be assured that you will be very welcome .

Classes will resume on Monday 1st February starting from 9.30am (DST)

At this stage most of our classes remain the same as in last year’s program, although Barbara’s Android Classes will move to Friday.

We are always looking for possible topics so if you have any suggestions for other classes, please let us know. If we can get the required interest, then we will  certainly do our best  to  provide that course.

Of course while we were all enjoying a rest and catching up with Family and Friends, Alan was, as usual, busy making sure all our Computers were up and  running ready for a new year of lessons.

What would we do without him?

Once again, a very warm welcome to everyone!

Doreen Parker  

TACT President.