Hi to Everyone,

I’m writing this newsletter as one of the few Committee Members of TACT left standing.  Doreen, our President, Pat, our Secretary, and Dianna, our Treasurer are all incapacitated.  You will be pleased to know they are making good progress and should be back with us in the not so distant future.

Meanwhile, my thanks go to all our  helpers who are keeping the wheels in motion.

I would particularly like to thank Alan, who has taken on an enormous  work load and Chris Murphy who works busily behind the scenes looking after your membership details and printing your membership cards.

Our club has now been reopened for  almost two months and classes are  running along smoothly.  Everyone is mindful of social distancing and  hygiene and for this we thank you. I have added a couple of photos to show you how we are  practising our distancing.

A big THANK YOU to the management and staff of South Tweed Sports Club for providing an environment where we feel safe.

I realise that some of you do not want to venture out just yet but please be assured that, when you are ready, you will be very welcome.

That’s about all there is from me.

In the meantime, happy computering and keep safe!

Patrice Hose (Vice President)