Hi to all of you,

Well 2017 has come around already
I hope you all had a good and safe break. For me, I actually had 7 straight days o between Christmas and New Year, which was great until my better half said, “That’s enough of you, See ya”.
Off to the Computer Room for me, to do our annual rebuild of 42 computers, both Apple and Windows machines. All of our windows based machines are running Windows 10 Pro 1607 and Micrososoft 2016 Professional, both with the latest updates. Our Apple machines are now running the latest MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 and Microso 2016 Office for Mac.
Please be advised that Classes start back on Monday January 30th with our sign in day being Friday January 27th.
All Classes are as normal for the beginning of 2017, but we plan to introduce several new classes as we move into 2017, namely, a whole class dedicated to using Dropbox, also a class using the Photo program embedded within Windows 10.
For those that do not know, Micrososoft is withdrawing support for its “Windows Live Essentials Suite” this February 2017. This means for anyone using Windows Live Mail and/or, Windows Live Photo Gallery there will be no more support for these programs. That does not mean these programs will stop working if you are using them, but over time these programs may cause some problems without support, to your computers.
Early in this New Year, we will be introducing a class in the use of Outlook. Outlook is not only an email program, but it incorporates a live calendar, live reminder, live notes and much more.
We plan also to run more classes on using the Mail, Music, Photo and Video programs that form part of Windows 10. More on these a bit later.
For those who are returning, welcome back and for those wishing to join TACT, a very hearty welcome also.
I hope to see you on sign in day and/or, at your first classes back.
Bye for now,

Alan Lynch