Hi to you All,

Well, our AGM has been held and what a great morning it was! For those who did not know, TACT was celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

We encouraged those attending to wear a “Hawaiian Theme” and it was wonderful to see the room full of so much colour. Even our local Member, Geoff Provest got into the theme, attending in a bright Hawaiian shirt. A big thank you to all those who attended and also to those who sent congratulations on the occasion.

Leading into the AGM, there have been some people changes – Carol, who had been a Tutor and Committee person for near on 8 years, sadly left us, moving away for family reasons. Cindy is stepping down from our Committee after many years, to concentrate on her health and rehabilitation, but thankfully, she will remain a helper with our Absolute Beginners class. John has also left us as a Committee person and Tutor, due to health reasons. With that said, there are people who have volunteered, like Barbara (Tutor and Committee), Chris (Committee), and Barry (Committee). To all of these people, a very big thank you.

The Committee for the next year is myself, Doreen Parker, Pat Trappel, Patrice Hose, Dianna Hyde, Barbara McCarthy, Lee Baker, Chris Murphy and Barry O’Leary.

Congratulations to Bill Davis, the lucky winner of our computer raffle! A big thank you to all of you who so generously supported our raffle!

Classes are continuing along well and on the computer side of things, those running Windows 10 would, by now, have been updated  its latest version 1703. Those who have been updated to this version, will have noticed some changes. If you are having any problems with this or anything to do with Windows 10, why not think about coming along to our Windows 10 Classes. There most, if not all of your queries or questions, can be an-

That’s all from me at the moment.
Good computing
Alan Lynch
TACT President