Hi Everyone
Well here we are, just about to start classes for 2018, at TACT. I hope you all had a good and safe break and you are looking forward to starting your classes again.
I have just about completed our annual rebuild of all of the computers within the computer room, a total of 42, if you count the iPads and Android Tablets. This year with the Windows 10 machines, I have made them start in “Tablet” mode, when you first turn
them on, instead of starting up in “Desktop”. All of these machines start up showing the “Start” screen, with “Tiles” instead of the old “Icons”. This has been done for several reasons, e.g. you only have to left click a “Tile” once for it to open, not double left click an
icon on your old “Desktop”. You can place any of your folders, programs, apps, websites, etc, onto your “Start” screen and you only have to left click any of them once, for them to open. When you open anything, it opens in “Full” screen mode, and you just keep opening everything you want, closing nothing until you want to shut down your machine. Everything that you have open appears in the bottom “Taskbar”. To bring up something else you have open, all you do is hold your mouse pointer over it and left click – once .To open anything else that may not be on the “Start” screen, all you do is hold the “Windows
Flag” plus the “Q” key on your keyboard and start typing what you are looking for. When it
appears in the query menu, just left click on it – once. “Q” is for query, so remember if need to find anything on your machine, it is “Flag+Q” and start typing. For all those die-hard’s out there, your “Desktop” is still there, and you can still use it – it has only been disabled, not uninstalled. That is enough about Windows 10. Come along to our Windows 10 Classes, held on Mondays, starting at 11:30am, (DST) to learn more.

From the start of 2018, there will be a couple of Class time changes. Wednesday 9:30 “Putting your Memories & Favourites to Videos or Movies” will be going to Fridays at 11:30am (DST), following on from the “Microsoft Office” class, which starts at 9:30am (DST). Wednesday’s “Photo Management” class will be held at 9:30am (DST) instead of 11:30am.

All of our other classes remain the same.

That is about all from me at the moment.
Hope to see a lot of you soon
Good computing,
Alan Lynch